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Business Model

MontaVista reinvents the business of building and deploying embedded systems. Fully embracing open-source practices, MontaVista provides MontaVista Linux to professional embedded developers. MontaVista Linux subscribers benefit from the power of Linux and professional development tools. Our business model contains the following elements:

  • Subscriptions to MontaVista Linux
    • Provides customer with:
      • Fully integrated and tested “out-of-the-box” product across wide chips/architectures
      • Full product updates & enhancements
      • Defect corrections
      • Extensive software support
  • Additional technologies
    • MontaVista High Availability Framework
      Leading Linux product based on industry standards and open architecture
    • MontaVista Graphics
      A powerful network-enabled graphics system based on X Windows and Gtk
  • Professional Services
    • Focused on extending current MontaVista Linux for adapting customer’s unique requirements
  • Training
    • Customer education programs for subscribing developers who wish to acquire a deeper understanding and greater development efficiency in the open source Linux domain.

With a keen ear to customer feedback, our business model avoides the usual burdens associated with proprietary development tools and embedded software:

  • Unrestricted and free access to source code
  • Completely open source OS and open APIs
  • No dependence on single sources for proprietary technology
  • No run-time royalties

In short, MontaVista Linux offers the best of both worlds: 100% open source technology from an industry-leading supplier, combining world-class technology with unsurpassed experience in embedded systems with unparalleled Linux expertise. Set your next project free with MontaVista Linux.


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